Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Google is the main search engine in worldwide and also a big advertiser in worldwide. Google have two types of division one is Google Adwords. Google Adwords work is collection of ads and google Adsense work is customers ads place in websites or blogs and google give money for website or blog owner for ads. In lack of websites or blog created by peoples but google Adsense ads in  very few websites or blogs because google Adsense is very sensitive they not approve ads easily. If you want to earn really money with Google Adsense then follow up few steps for take Google Adsense approval.
First of all you create blog or website but you need your website content is unique or powerful. Minimum 20-25 Articles or post is must. And your visitor is minimum per 500 after that you can apply Google Adsense account. But problem is that 70% Google Adsense account not approve. Because Google Adsense application check Google Robot and he reject applications if any minor mistake.

One way is very attractive and powerful if you create your account in www.flixya.com and update your profile after that submit 10 photo and minimum 10 you tube videos embeded codes and video details name, tag  and minimum 5 blog post and apply Adsense account in Flixya Monotize page you receive Adsense apply link click that Link and fill detail you get Adsense account in 2-3 days.

If  your Google Adsense account is not approved then we will work for you we approve your account within 1 day and if you want to need readymade blog or promote to your website your blog you can ask for us by email mlmwealth4u@gmail.com or call 9882334717 

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