Friday, 9 September 2011


Multi Level Marketing (MLM) a pyramid based marketing concept. where individual agent or sales person recruit other agent or person and increase sales volume and receive commission from both their own sales and the sales of the team.

MLM is very good home based job you can work Part Time/Full Time as per your time leverage. But Now in India 5-10% MLM Leder is success in MLM. Because lots of MLM companies in india and maximum companies opened by MLM Leader their vision is only collect money they have not a long vision. Some MLM companies introduce new investment plan they are not MLM they are ponzi schemes or chit chat fund schemes they are totally scamful companies. They introduce every time with new ideas and said double your money in 2 months or 3 months 3-4 months they collect very big amount and after that they close the company. But if you real MLM leader or you are looking for a genuine MLM company or long term company then don't go for in investment plan find something in products or service.

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  1. Choose your preferences of income.. Part time double compare to an employed and full time to 4, 5 times fold?!