Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Swap Your Voice Online Survey

Swap Your Voice is Online Survey Company you can join this concept absolutely free they send survey in your email id per survey they give incentive Min.10 Rs. to 200 Rs. when your amount reach 500 Rs. you can withdrawal your amount. You can also refer your friends.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Jeetle is very unique and interesting concept you can win everything like Branded Mobiles, Laptops, Two wheeler, Bag, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Fridge, TV, Home theater, Speaker, Watch, Oven etc.  in just in very small amount. You can Bid in any products you can bid on any products you can win when your bidding is unique. Registration is free absolutely free when you register after that update your profile and they give you 300 points it means 3 Rs. in Indian Currency and there bidding amount start at 3 Rs. 5 Rs. 7 Rs. and maximum is 10 Rs. you can purchase bidding point through your bank account after that bid in any products and win anything you want you can earn bidding point through refer you friends.

If you want to join this website than mail us homeworkerjobs@yahoo.com and send your email id's after that we will send you invitation.  


Monday, 19 September 2011


PennyWorker is Micro-Outsourcing system between Employers or worker. Signup free after signup complete your profile after that choose your job and done your job and earn money this is simple process to make money.

Registration Free
Signup amount 50 Rs.
Fill up your Detail go for Members Login Area and click on Available Jobs. Complete your Jobs.
Per task you get 10-15 Rs.


We send many emails per day to our Friends, Relatives, Business partners, Customers but we did't earn anything. Jadumail is very special for all people. Make your email account with Jadu mail absolutely free and after that you send you emails with in jadumail account and earn per email sending by you.

Joining Free  www.jadumail.com
You will get Rs. 1 for sending emails from Jadumail for Jadumail members.
50 Pisa (1 cent) for Free members.
They 2 cents per Unique email.
They will send Cheque for Indian users at their address.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Clinnovo Research Labs is a clinical innovation company promoting medical and clinical practice patient care, research and development of indigenous medical technology.  This is very unique and new concept in India. Just simple read Health Tips and earn Money. 

Free Registration .
Fill up your profile and get 125 Rs. instantly Bonus.
Go to Health inbox and read Health Tips Daily and Earn 5 Rs. 10 Rs. Daily.
Payment Minimum Withdrawal 500 Rs.  Payment through by Cheque.

Friday, 9 September 2011


Now these days I heard about new MLM concept with LIC company after that i check website or company status. This is very good and Genuine concept with Brand. In Insurance industry LIC is a very big brand they have many types of Insurance policies and they are genuine in 97% peoples faith in LIC because they are long established, genuine and very good customer service. If you compare other companies they cheat when you take any policy they show very good returns and when your policy mature then they deduct lot of allocation charges or they not proper claim if any miss happening.

Green Life investment is corporate agent of LIC. They introduce LIC policies in MLM and distribute commission in MLM. If you want to join in Green Life Investment then just take LIC policy form from any agent or LIC office and fill up your detail attach 2 Photographs, Voter id copy, Date of Birth Certificate copy or you can pay for only in favour of  LIC through Demand Draft, Cheque or by Cash if means your money is safe. And after that you have opportunity to earn money you can free your premium upto 2 years they gives direct refer income, single leg binary income and very good rewards without any time limit and royalties or foreign tour you can check their website.




Multi Level Marketing (MLM) a pyramid based marketing concept. where individual agent or sales person recruit other agent or person and increase sales volume and receive commission from both their own sales and the sales of the team.

MLM is very good home based job you can work Part Time/Full Time as per your time leverage. But Now in India 5-10% MLM Leder is success in MLM. Because lots of MLM companies in india and maximum companies opened by MLM Leader their vision is only collect money they have not a long vision. Some MLM companies introduce new investment plan they are not MLM they are ponzi schemes or chit chat fund schemes they are totally scamful companies. They introduce every time with new ideas and said double your money in 2 months or 3 months 3-4 months they collect very big amount and after that they close the company. But if you real MLM leader or you are looking for a genuine MLM company or long term company then don't go for in investment plan find something in products or service.


This is very unique concept registration is free. This is prediction game you can predict  number, cricket, lowest number, sensex, mathematical and addition games and enjoy this prediction game.

Predict 3 digital Number and earn 20 Rs. Daily.
Predict lowest unique number and earn 20 Rs. Daily.
Pick 6 Numbers between 1 to 49 and win 100 Rs. Daily.
Predict Sensex and win 10 Rs. Mobile Recharge Daily.
Open from Ace to King and win 10 to 1000 Rs. Daily.
Play Simple Mathematic Games and Earn 20 Paisa Daily
Play Addition Games and Earn 20 Paisa Daily.

For Joining Click on this image

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Article writing is one of the best work from home in Internet Article writing is very new and interesting job for who want to share their thoughts. Now in India this job is highly paid. For this job you have good skill in English and good quality of thoughts in different field. Article writer professional demand is very high in India or others countries. In this field you can work for Magazine, Newspaper major demand for website for create content. Many type of websites or companies paid daily, weekly or monthly basis and some websites give projects. 

Top Article writing Wesites

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Google is the main search engine in worldwide and also a big advertiser in worldwide. Google have two types of division one is Google Adwords. Google Adwords work is collection of ads and google Adsense work is customers ads place in websites or blogs and google give money for website or blog owner for ads. In lack of websites or blog created by peoples but google Adsense ads in  very few websites or blogs because google Adsense is very sensitive they not approve ads easily. If you want to earn really money with Google Adsense then follow up few steps for take Google Adsense approval.
First of all you create blog or website but you need your website content is unique or powerful. Minimum 20-25 Articles or post is must. And your visitor is minimum per 500 after that you can apply Google Adsense account. But problem is that 70% Google Adsense account not approve. Because Google Adsense application check Google Robot and he reject applications if any minor mistake.

One way is very attractive and powerful if you create your account in www.flixya.com and update your profile after that submit 10 photo and minimum 10 you tube videos embeded codes and video details name, tag  and minimum 5 blog post and apply Adsense account in Flixya Monotize page you receive Adsense apply link click that Link and fill detail you get Adsense account in 2-3 days.

If  your Google Adsense account is not approved then we will work for you we approve your account within 1 day and if you want to need readymade blog or promote to your website your blog you can ask for us by email mlmwealth4u@gmail.com or call 9882334717 

Monday, 5 September 2011


Alertpay is Worldwide safest and secure payment solution. Avoid exposing your Credit Card information or Bank information online. You can Shop or send money online in 190 Countries safely and easily without sharing your personal information. You can register with Alertpay account free of cost. You can earn also to refer other peoples who want to use this service when you refer 10 people then you will get $10. 

For Sign up Alert Pay click on this Image:-

Send Money Receive money, Shopping with Alertpay


Are you looking to make money online through Freelance Jobs ? There are many types of Genuine Freelancer jobs available online. There are many types of jobs available in worldwide. Just Simple register your update profile and start bidding in projects for your choice. There payment method is by Paypal, Alertpay, Solidtrust, Liberty reserve of India. You can take advance money depends on project. 

These are Genuine Websites:-


Earn part time jobs is exclusively made for Indians only, who want to earn some extra money through home based jobs on internet without any investment. If you join this website and spend 1-2 hours daily you will earn Rs. 50,000/- from this month. When you sing up this website you get signup bonus Rs. 100. After that you receive Data entry and form filling jobs. Each refer give you Rs. 10.
Payments will be made on 20th of each month.
Minimum Payout Rs. 2000/-

For Joining Click on this Image:-


American consumer Opinion is an online survey panel operated by Decision Analyst Inc.. American consumer Opinion Survey has 6 million members across 150 countries. They give cash rewads for every survey and also offers monthly embers cash draws. They give 5 to 6 survey per month.

For Joining Click on this Link


Opinion world is Market Research and Online survey company they promote many Branded Products and services they give point and you redeem their points into cash or prize. Every month they give 10 to 12 survey. For more information of payment and related to survey you go for opinion world FAQ.

For Joining Click On this Link 

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Valued Opinions is Indian Market Research company. It is your opportunity to shape the future of Industries and new products. As a member of Valued Opinions panel, you will become one of a select group of influencers. You have a platform to share your views on business issues your experience and products you use. Joining is free every new opinions you got a message in your email box each opinions give you money when you reach 400 INR you can withdwal your money. 

For Joining Click on This Link Joining Free


Global Test Market Research Company. Its's free to sign up and take online paid surveys. Earn rewards for your participation and redeemed Marketpoints for cash. Minimum number of MarketPoints needed to redeem is 1000 and are redeemable for $50 u.s. cash.

When you signup after that update your profile complete. You get survey information in your email id. Each survey give you points when you reach 1000 points then you can redeem your points into cash. After redeem your point you will receive cheque in your address.

For Signup click on this Link


Rupya Live is a Unique Advertisement concept which helps advertisers in brand promotion and users get paid to click ads. Simply check ads promotions and earn money. This is very simple work no skills required. You can earn more to refer more friends. Payment request is made by every month through cheque. Minimum payout is 500 Rs. 

You can earn 100 Rs for just joining Rupya Live. you can earn 0.25 to 10 per view ads promotion you can earn login incentive and also earn 2Rs. for each friend you refer.

Friday, 2 September 2011


m-Ginger is a new concept in Advertising world you paid for reading sms ads on your mobile. Once you signup with mGinger, you will start receving sms ads on your mobile. For each ads that you receive, you will be paid 20 paisa. Maximum 10 ads per day. When you start referring you friends to mGinger for your referral your receive 10 paisa each ads that they receive similary, for each your referrals refer, you get paid 5 paisa for each ads. Many users are earning more than Rs. 10000/- per month no joining fee. Minimum Payout 300 Rs. by cheque.

How to Verify your mGinger Account ?

Login into your mGinger account. You would be getting the message to verify your mobile. That verification code send to +919945999459 via sms through your mobile which registered in mGinger. Silver members you can upgrade to Gold membership for free by logging into mGinger. Your account will get activated.

For Joining Click on this Picture